Over ten years ago, our management, together with Customer Care Solutions, developed comprehensive SAFE solutions under the brand, which cover the various aspects of employee security and business continuity. Many of these components are still used today, however, we are continuously further developing and improving them.

The basic concept of our risk management tools is based on measures aimed at preventing and preparing for emergency situations, as well as communication and proper conduct in the event of emergency situations.

The application areas of our solutions are versatile and applicable in different situations: in the private and professional environment, with domestic and international trips, for entrepreneurs and for companies. As a matter of principle, we offer only individual solutions, but we have provided a short description of the essential service modules here:

Red Phone

The Red Phone is an individual emergency hotline for companies and their employees. The focus is on supporting the caller in emergency situations with all our means when all else fails (even with improvisation).

Quick and uncomplicated help

  • With (smaller or greater) problems & emergency situations
  • Organisation of emergency aid
  • Information & advice

Access to our networks

  • Regional service partners
  • Worldwide correspondents
Plastic Red Emergency Phone on White Background

Location Setup

Location setups are useful in workplaces and projects involving travel routes through poor infrastructure or dangerous areas. Together with our international correspondents, it is possible for us to implement the best possible preparatory measures in any region.

  • Checking an infrastructure for deficits
  • Travel and route planning
  • Preparation for an emergency
    • Provision of personnel, equipment & vehicles
    • Creation of evacuation and emergency transportation plans
    • Country-specific behavioural tips & safety pointers


The best kind of preparation for threatening and critical situations is careful preparation of emergency plans and definition of the underlying processes and communication channels.

  • Creation of a secure data depot
    -e.g. for company data relevant to emergencies
    - medically relevant employee data (such as blood type)
  • Professional implementation of these measures in an emergency