Competent assistance service through diverse technical problems

The increasing complexity of technical solutions leads to situations, where the occurring malfunctions or failures are less easy to fix and, in most cases, trained specialists have to be called in. Usually, time is also an important factor, so it becomes vital to have an emergency management system that works quickly.

Customized solutions for customers or employees

Depending on the requirements of our clients, we offer tailored communication and support solutions. Due to the decades of experience of our management in the areas of customer service, customer communication and assistance, as well as the resulting mix of know-how, we are able to offer customers or employees a central point of contact that takes care of their concerns or initiates the corresponding troubleshooting process, around the clock and in multiple languages.

Examples of our services are:

Welcome Desk/ First Level Light:

It is meant to be the first point of contact in case of any technical problem. Here, the incoming inquiries are checked and the cause of the problem is determined. Depending on the complexity, these can be rectified directly by our agents or forwarded to a qualified specialist.

Technician Dispatching

If malfunctions cannot be resolved otherwise, emergency technicians dispatch and coordinate to rectify the problem directly on site. If our customers do not have their own on-call technicians, we are happy to provide technicians from our extensive network of external service providers.

Alarm center in case of technical emergencies

In the event of automatically or manually triggered alarms, our agents immediately react and initiate the emergency measures defined in advance. Our management also supports our customers in preparing or optimizing such processes.