Why did we choose the CEE region?

Over the course of many years, we have noticed that CEE is often a grey area when it comes to assistance services. This is due to many different languages, countries and cultures inside a small area. This often causes complications and difficulties in communication.

Because of the many potential issues in this area, CEE Assistance recognised the need to provide a single point of entry to the CEE region.

What makes the CEE Assistance different?

After analysing the market and its disruptive changes, we have decided to come back to the roots and offer the best quality solutions by working with the most professional local partners instead of arranging help from long distance.

It is a one box solution, attractive to clients within and outside the CEE region in need of any kind of assistance. We are able to provide unbiased and fair cooperation and anyone can benefit from our solutions.

Why is the head office of CEE Assistance in Austria?

The CEE region can be complicated area for international businesses. Thus, a partner that you can trust is essential for avoiding complications.

Additionally, Vienna International Airport is the most important gateway to Central and Eastern Europe.

How can you benefit from contracting CEE Assistance?

Austria has a central location in Europe and therefore is an ideal base for all CEE activities. Moreover, Austria is already the coordination centre for more than 1,000 foreign companies with an extensive know-how regarding Eastern Europe, known for its high quality.

By contracting CEE Assistance, you can benefit from fair prices, efficient case handling and administration management through simple and clear communication.

How can you use our services?

In order to use our solutions, we require an exclusive contract of cooperation between you and CEE Assistance.

What is the cost of CEE solution?

There is an access fee which covers the cost of our centralised administration and provider management processes.

There is also a volume dependent case fee. Additionally, with our call centre experience, we can provide a dedicated hotline exclusively for your company.

How to request our solution?



PHONE: +43 1 40 190 303

e-MAIL: marketing(at)ceeassistance.com